Principals of our participating colleges have praised the Online College Admissions System in the following words:

Govt. M.A.O Graduate College, Lahore
July 13, 2022

The OCAS makes the admission process for students a hassle-free experience and at the same time it empowers the public colleges by digitizing the entire admission system and seamless student data management. This is a great initiative by the Government of the Punjab to assist colleges in long tedious admission and merit list generation process.

Govt. Jinnah Associate College for Women, Lahore
July 07, 2022

OCAS is very helpful because it provides facilities to students for their intermediate admissions. Students can apply from anywhere without visiting colleges. Students can pay a processing fee of only 25 Rupees through any branch of the Bank of Punjab. Students can get relevant information about admission on his/her computer system.

Govt. Dyal Singh Graduate College, Lahore
July 07, 2022

Online College Admission System enables students to perform all their admission process, hassle-free and from the comfort of their homes. Not only aspirant students, but college administration can equally benefit from this streamlined process of form filling, application submission, fee payment and merit list generation and intimation by using computer, internet, few clicks and key presses, all due to the PITB ingenuity. However, there is need to create more awareness in students and general public to encourage them to use this automated facility instead of manual, cumbersome and time-consuming, process.

Govt. Islamia Graduate College for Women, Cooper Road, Lahore
July 07, 2022

Online College Admission System (OCAS) provides the correct information to the students who are looking to study in Govt. Colleges of Punjab. It is easy to navigate, simple and contains up-to-date information about the admissions process, and application requirements. It also keeps students updated with the status of their applications. It saves time and effort of the students. On the other side, it is also a useful tool for colleges; they are able to have easy access to all the data about the students.

Govt. College Township, Lahore
Sep 6, 2019

OCAS is a great invention of Higher Education Department and Punjab Information Technology Board. Through OCAS it is possible for a student to apply for admission to multiple colleges at the same time from his/her place. It is also facilitating the college administration for computerizing (automating) the admission process. Student can view the status of his/her application without visiting the college. In this era of Information technology, it is a great opportunity for student as well as for college to get all the relevant information about admission on his/her computer system. It should be extended to other programs like BS, B.A, and B.Sc.

Govt. Post Graduate College (W), Vehari
Sep 6, 2019

OCAS is a good platform which provides facility to students to apply online for their intermediate admissions. Students can apply from anywhere without visiting colleges. It is very economical for students to apply for just Rs. 25 per discipline in any college.

Govt. College of Science Wahdat Road, Lahore
Jan 4, 2014

"OCAS is very helpful for applicants who want to get admission in colleges. This system is very simple and candidate can easily apply to any college of Punjab from any area of participate without wasting any time. There is no need to come to the college and waste money for photograph and photocopies of documents candidate only pay a processing fee of just Rs 25 through any branch of the Bank of Punjab. This system is very efficient and prompt for the candidates".

Govt. Post Graduate College for (W) Shad Bagh, Lahore
Jan 2, 2014

  • Redemption from fake admissions
    Right at the time of admission, the candidates applying on the basis of bogus result cards are detected and rejected
  • Easy access to all information
    This system has facilitated candidates to get an easy access to all information about subject combinations, dues, rules, regulation of every college. This has saved their precious time and money
  • Registration
    No candidate can get registration of more than one college. Their registration is confirmed in this way
  • Complete information about the candidate
    This system provides complete information about the candidate regarding her name, ID card no. , contact no, address, religion etc. The inconvenience of opening different files has been eliminated.

All these facilities can be availed if the computer operator is skilled and efficient.

Govt. Post Graduate College Asghar Mall, Rawalpindi
Jan 2, 2014

"At our college more than 2500 students has been benefited by the system during last three years. Your system has not only beneficial for our students but it has also made our work simple as all the required information about the students is available whenever and wherever required. I would like to congratulate you and your team members whose efforts have made things so manageable which were not possible a few years back".

Govt. Degree College For (W) Dubai Mahal Road, Bahawalpur
Dec 31, 2013

"It is a satisfactory system. Helpful for college administration".

Govt. College for Boys Gujar Khan, Rawalpindi
Dec 31, 2013

"In fact we have benefited by your system a lot. Only due to adopting your system we are able to bring the number of inducted students to the extent of six hundred at least. This is a great success and a golden step towards the progress of the college. We do hope this system will be continued in future".

Government Dyal Singh College, Lahore
Jan 15, 2013

"OCAS has proved to be a helping hand for the applicants who want to get admission in college. It has provided the facility to the students to apply in all the colleges from anywhere with internet access. It has saved time and money of the applicants. It has created a healthy effect on the college admissions as well.  The applicants from all over Pakistan has applied through this system even not coming to the college within admission time limits and successfully completed their admission in the college.
The system is very simple and can easily be operated, a basic computer literate person can also use it easily. System access is also improved. As a whole it is a useful addition to our Admission Team".

Government Degree College, Kharian
Jan 14, 2013

"It is stated that your [OCAS] initiative was very good and it contributed a lot. Such things have to be continued because they improve the system. When we practiced the program, we came to know that all the activities were easier".

Govt. Post Graduate College for (W) Samanabad, Lahore
Jan 10, 2013

"Through the of OCAS, we get the following benefits:

  • Easy to use: very convenient interface, anybody having a little knowledge of computers can apply online
  • Economical: students have to pay just Rs 25 through any branch of the Bank of Punjab, so hassle has been reduced
  • Maintain Database for future use: we use this data to make sections, library list, admission, exams, etc.
  • Efficient: time for verification and making list has been reduced
  • Very convenient: Students can see their status online whether he or she is admitted or not

Our college did 100 % admissions online; the applications received through manual system were also inserted in OCAS in order to get 100 % benefit"